Monday, July 8, 2019

The Cohiba by Deep South Cigar Box Guitars

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When Nathan in Alabama contacted me about building a three-string cigar box guitar, I gave him the choice of a few boxes I had on hand. He chose this Cohiba box - and wanted to keep everything natural. He also wanted an acoustic/electric cigar box guitar.

I got to work building this guitar for him by first sanding (lightly) most of the Cohiba box's existing finish off - and then rubbing it with a slightly darker new stain. I applied just one light coat and quickly rubbed it off so as bring out some of the box's wood grain without darkening the finish.

Pleased with the look of the box, I paired it with a handmade oak neck and Rosewood fret board. The neck was sanded smooth and finished with five coats of Tung oil (rubbed with steel wool between each coat). I elected to keep the headstock's natural wood appearance as a compliment to the box. I then chose all black hardware including the hardtail bridge, sound hole cover, input jack, tuners and strap buttons. Overall, this CBG has a very clean and classy appearance.

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Fitted with a piezo pickup and medium gauge Blues Blaster strings, she is tuned Open G (GDG) - ideal for playing the blues. I look forward to hearing Nathan play it soon.

For your own custom cigar box guitar, contact Deep South CBG via email or through Facebook messenger. Each custom cigar box guitar I build is a one-of -a-kind, made by hand, just for you. Together, we can build you a playable piece of art that will be an heirloom for generations!
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Deep South CBG, located in Gulf Shores, AL, creates custom pieces of playable art that can be displayed on your wall and taken down and played anytime. Most of what we build are created firmly in the tradition and lore of the cigar box guitars of the deep south and Great Depression era. We use reclaimed and found materials to create our works.

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