Tuesday, June 11, 2019

"The Partagas" First Sound Test, Cigar Box Guitar by Deep South CBG


So my friend Judson plays in a band around Gulf Shores, AL where we live. He's been wanting to try out one of my 3-string guitars and said he'd like to see how it sounded through his rig. Since he was working a gig on Sunday, I took it over for him to try out during a break. This is what happened. Keep in mind this guy has never played a 3-string before, nor did he have a slide (he used his cigarette lighter). Fun!

If you're interested in this CBG, contact me. She's available for adoption!

For your own custom cigar box guitar, contact Deep South CBG via email or through Facebook messenger. Each custom cigar box guitar I build is a one-of -a-kind, made by hand, just for you. Together, we can build you a playable piece of art that will be an heirloom for generations!

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Deep South CBG, located in Gulf Shores, AL, creates custom pieces of playable art that can be displayed on your wall and taken down and played anytime. Most of what we build are created firmly in the tradition and lore of the cigar box guitars of the deep south and Great Depression era. We use reclaimed and found materials to create our works.

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